There’s a festival in the new Hortelão restaurant!

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Last Saturday, June 16th, we introduced ‘Hortelão’, our new restaurant by the pool and the organic garden, open for dinner only, where you can taste vegetables on the grill, alongside our delicious certified organic veal, acorn-fed pork of the Alentejo and fish from the Alqueva lake.

This marked as well the beginning of our Saturday night’s festival, which will take place in different settings of the hotel and estate throughout the Summer season.​

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This time it was a beautiful late Spring night, with a big dark sky filled with stars, and a live jazz band playing between the garden patches.

Next festival can happen in the old bee garden where beehives used to be kept! Who knows? Always a surprise!

Don’t forget to book if you want to secure your seat.

To know more please call +351 266 247 140 or email to

Hortelão band
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