Barrocal, Where Nature Never Made so Much Sense

In the year that the property celebrates 200 years, Barrocal is more current than ever. The initial philosophy keeps rooted, preserving authenticity, agriculture, landscape richness, comfort and sense of belonging to Alentejo. In a 780-hectare estate, there is plenty of countryside to explore and a variety of activities to take part in. There are things that don't change, and thankfully.

The Barrocal Estate

Sprawling across cork-dotted hills, wildflower-covered meadows and shady olive groves, the 780-hectare Barrocal estate has passed down through seven generations.

The Monte

Once home to the Alentejan agricultural families who worked the Estate’s fertile lands, the transformation of the monte allows for a thriving modern community while retaining the handsome nature and patina of the original buildings.

The Residences

Each architect involved has taken their own distinctive design approach, but are united by a desire to preserve and augment – rather than disturb or tame – the rugged beauty and rich history of the Barrocal Estate.

In Conversation with João Gomes da Silva

In Conversation with Paula Amendoeira

The Pawson House

Explore the model that highlights the scale, proportion and detail of these affordable, beautiful homes.

In Conversation with John Pawson

Avowed minimalist John Pawson discusses his choice of plot, materials, and the sensibility of his residence.

Souto de Moura House

An example of one of the houses is brought to life in this animation, exploring the scale, proportion and detail of these reasonably priced, beautiful homes.

Moura talks about his design

Balancing a desire to live harmoniously within the landscape with his simple, modern aesthetic, architect Eduardo Souto de Moura discusses his approach to the residences he designed for the estate.

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