Guest Rooms



Sleeps 2 people

Enjoy all the comfort of a spacious living room, with sofas craving you to take a seat and look at the Monsaraz castle crowning the nearby hill.

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Meadow Cottages 2BR

Sleeps 4 people

Open to the infinity of the countryside, covered with olive groves, holm oaks and granite rocks these cottages are privileged places.

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Barn Cottage 1BR

Sleeps 2 people

Afternoons here are magical. The rays of sun flood the terrace with light reaching through the old arches and entering the kitchen.

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Barn Cottages 3BR

Sleeps 6 people

Delight in the ampleness of this cottage, where you and your family can have dinner and enjoy the comfort of its three bedrooms.

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Yard Cottages 2BR

Sleeps 4 people

Experience the timeless calm and homely feeling of our cottages, whose whitewashed walls testify the rhythms of rural life.

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Barn Cottages 2BR

Sleeps 4 people

Feel at home in one of these cottages and have the vastness of the Alentejo in a room of your own.

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Farm Rooms

Sleeps 2 people

Sleep cradled by the restfulness of the landscape and open your window to a breathtaking view of Monsaraz.

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Winery Rooms

Sleeps 2 people

On the way to your room, let yourself be carried away by the fleeting aroma that escapes through the open doors of our winery.

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Courtyard Rooms

Sleeps 2 people

With gentle steps, enter this space celebrating authenticity and the crafts of the surrounding villages.

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