Hotel Bar

Relaxing with a glass of wine, toasting with a cocktail

In the old olive oil mill room, surrounded by the past and the present of the estate, lays our hotel bar. Whether sitting at the counter, in a more private leather chair or in a table set outside with the sun setting in the horizon, every nook and cranny is worthy of a toast. Take a sip of Barrocal's wine tradition with a glass of one of our wines or enjoy a refreshing cocktail made with the best products from Alentejo and the surrounding area.

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A drink and a nibble

Eating and drinking walk side by side and that's why our hotel bar has a light meal menu with options that perfectly pair with your beverage.  

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hotel bar

Creativity and tradition on the plate and glass 

Traditional local nibbles and creative cocktails: all of this has a place in our hotel bar menu. Just like in everything else in Barrocal, sustainability is paramount. In this case that translates to a menu with seasonal suggestions that vary according to the rhythm of nature. These are some examples of things you might find when you visit us:  

  • Local charcuterie and cheese boards 
  • Organic veal croquettes  
  • Chicken and avocado salad
  • São Lourenço do Barrocal wines
  • Alentejo Sour cocktail
  • Regional liqueurs   
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