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Our sustainable path

São Lourenço do Barrocal’s approach to sustainability looks to the past when building the present and future. Since its foundation in 1820 as a farming village, the community that lived here followed a self-sustainable path. Everything needed to live a happy and fulfilled life was either sourced or produced on site. Barrocal’s new life would have to honour the history, culture and traditions of this place.

Beyond the obvious

Our notion of sustainability comprises the obvious conscious relationship with nature and natural resources but also sees the importance of the cultural, social and economic reality of the community we are a part of. This is why we not only enforce measures like the sensible use of resources but we also support the local economy by favouring local businesses, like the baker that brings fresh bread every morning or the master potters that supply many pieces that are used for decoration and service 


Reinstatement of a long history of autossustainability

1820 is the year where it all started

Recovery of a neglected farm estate

780 hectares dedicated to hospitality and farming

Rejuvenation of an ancient farming village

7 main buildings carefully brought back to new uses


Preservation of existing roof tiles

250.000 units salvaged from existing buildings

Rehabilitation of existing terracotta bricks

70.000 units salvaged from existing buildings

Production of artisanal bricks 350.000 bricks manufactured according to local tradiiton
Rehabilitation of the existing main street 3.700 square metres were laid using existing stones
Respectful management of water resources 4 boreholes for groundwater collection
Exploitation of 275 days of sunshine 24 solar panels installed
Organic vegetable garden 10.000 square metres planned to supply the hotel and farm shop
Creation of employment 57 jobs created being 80% of the employees from the local area
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A sense of place

By welcoming our guests in this environment we aim to provide a luxurious yet simple experience that intends to respect fauna and flora but also the history and traditions of the Alentejo region. We believe that thanks to this immersion in the richness of the local life and times we are able to transmit a true sense of place, a real unique stay that is tangible in all aspects of the hotel, from the rooms to the farm shop. 

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Know more about our commitment

If you wish to deepen a little further your knowledge about what we are doing in São Lourenço do Barrocal to make our commitment towards sustainability and authenticity ever more clear and definite, please take a look at our "Our Sustainable Path" plan.

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