Fresh food on the grill under the nocturnal sky of the Alentejo

Taste fresh vegetables on the grill, alongside our delicious certified organic veal, acorn-fed pork of the Alentejo and fish from the Alqueva lake. The restaurant Hortelão is located by the pool and the organic kitchen garden and is a great way to experience, upfront, amazing farm to table Summer food. It is open for dinners only, from mid Spring till the beginning of Autumn.


Hortelão menu

This is a slow-food, farm to fork, restaurant with a fast-paced changing menu due to the transition of our organic garden’s cultures. Open from mid Spring to mid Autumn.

table setting

Live jazz music

Every Saturday night, a band plays live Dixieland and other forms of jazz for everyone sharing a table in Hortelão. They are all proud members of a much bigger orchestra playing as a big band in different venues with the aim to contribute to the musical education of the local audience. How can we not have them?

jazz music
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