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At home, among the rugged beauty and rich history of the landscape

Before a single stone was turned, the layers of history and geography were peeled back, allowing the land’s natural heritage to inform the approach. The arresting granite formations from which the estate takes its name, the barrocais, tell compelling stories of life and testify this respectful attentiveness to the elements, the topography, and past wisdom that make this not a development, but a seamless extension of everything that has gone before. Your new home.

Modern comfort and a rare sense of retreat, whilst maintaining the integrity and peace of this wild corner of Alentejo is the main feature of São Lourenço do Barrocal custom-made residences. 

Each home is carefully positioned in relation to the unique character of the land, tucked in the curve of a small valley or embracing stone formations, in an intimate conversation with the people within and the space without.

John Pawson and other internationally renowned architects have responded in a common architectural language to the beauty of the estate, creating individual homes that are in complete harmony with the land, the community, and the elements.   

The buyer can also adapt the houses to his taste or even bring in is own architect of choice, as long as he complies with the prerequisites of the detailed plan already laid out.

plots and architecture

Site plan

Outside the monte, the new homes are designed in a common architectural language, each positioned carefully to afford both privacy and spectacular views through the seasons. Great emphasis was placed on containment in order to restore the sort of dispersed city that once existed in this landscape, not in a dense but integrated way, in which several houses can find their home, their place.

João Gomes da Silva

Landscape Architect:
João Gomes da Silva

Renowned for his understated, yet highly knowledgeable approach to developing landscapes, João Gomes da Silva was the Portuguese landscape architect responsible for the initial development concept. His deep understanding of the character and history of the estate has informed the relationship between built structures, the natural environs, and the people who will live in them, assuring that São Lourenço do Barrocal remains essentially agricultural and respectful of a symbiosis between the new architecture and the existing elements. 

The estate’s fertile land continues to provide abundantly for its residents, with vines heavy with fine winemaking grapes, vast olive groves, rippling fields of grain, an organically grown vegetable garden, and glossy cattle roaming the valleys.


Each owner approaches the plots of land differently, with their own idea of what the feeling of being at home on this land might be. With its own multidisciplinary in-house team, São Lourenço do Barrocal designed the framework for a Barrocal House, giving continuity to the concept of respect for the integrity with the Alentejo landscape and caring for sustainability whether regarding place, local culture or community. This richness of envisionings is probably what makes this project so unique.

barrocal house

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