Events calendar

We plan to have an exciting range of events throughout the year. Some of them change dates every year; their programmes and menus can alter as well. What you see below is indicative and can be revised at the hotel's discretion. If you would like to know more about a specific event please reach our Concierge here.


Easter Picnic

It's time to celebrate Easter with our traditional picnic

This is the time of the year that heralds the advent of Spring with the appearance of wildflowers in the fields and the arrival of the first swallows. Join us in this idyllic setting to celebrate the Easter holidays.


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Grape Harvest and Wine

Do a grape harvest at Barrocal: learn with scissors in your hands and with your feet in the must!

Grape harvest season takes place early in the year at Barrocal - in the first half of August, we already carry scissors in our hands and put our feet in the must; in early September we already harvested all our grapes. Join us in this fleeting season to learn about this farming tradition.


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Saint Lawrence Festival

St Lawrence is celebrated on August 13th, and we like to honour him with a festival filled with colour and food on the grill!

With the spirit of a Portuguese summer festivity, where colorful flags, fruit refreshments, and dishes cooked on the grill abound, we celebrate our patron saint, Saint Lawrence, amid the landscape of the 'barrocais'.


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St Martin

Roasted chestnuts and new wine at the feast of St Martin

Join us on one of the most iconic autumnal dates, the celebration of St Martin's Day, enjoying our bonfire crackling in the outdoor fire pit.


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New Year

Toast to a new year that is coming, amidst the Alentejo sun and the comfort of winter spent in the countryside

Feel the chilly wind roam between the pleasant winter sun and bring the whole family along to the countryside, to celebrate love and the new beginnings that a new year always brings. Children will have plenty of space to run free through our olive tree-dotted fields and to climb up to the ‘barrocais’.


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Spend your Christmas among nature, loved ones, and friends

Leave the rush of the big city behind you and join us in the beautiful Portuguese countryside, to celebrate the wonderful holiday season. Let yourself be embraced by the scent of wood burning in a fireplace, the warmth of woolen blankets, and the delicious comfort of french toasts.


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