Barrocal house

Houses that respect the integrity of the Alentejo landscape

The way of thinking about the Barrocal houses results from the intersection of a traditional Mediterranean way of living in the Alentejo with the modern hospitality project in which they are inserted, reflecting the sensitivity taken towards sustainability whether regarding place, local culture or community.

This proximity to history, the climate, the light, the vegetation and the granitic outcrops is developed in a house concept that favours integrity with the natural elements and the views, as well as a sense of privacy combined with this intense relationship with the landscape. These houses, which are born among stones and trees, are like them, simple, stripped and vernacular in their essential forms: from hand-made bricks to the use of lime and local stone (granite, limestone and shale), to the inclusion of salvaged tiles, roof terraces, deep recesses, and big chimneys.

barrocal house
barrocal house
barrocal house
Barrocais layout

The architects:
São Lourenço do Barrocal in-house team ​

With a multidisciplinary in-house team, São Lourenço do Barrocal provides future residents with the possibility of contracting services that support the development, management and supervision of the project in its various aspects, from architecture to landscaping, lighting and interior design.

The plots where these houses can be built have areas ranging from 4.710 sq. m. to 11.290 sq. m., depending on the topography and geology of the landscape. Each plot of land represents a “barrocal”, which is a series of granite outcrops that created natural crevices sheltered by oaks and olive trees.

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