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We use only the best regional products and ingredients, organic whenever possible, which we select from our very own vegetable garden and from local familiar farms as well. The following dinner menu is subject to change according to the produce available in the season.

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Artisanal bread from Baldio, homemade flat bread, olive oil from the estate, olives and our garden-paste of the day


Scrambled eggs with traditional farinheira sausage

Shortcrust beef turnover with watercress and orange salad

Carpaccio made with our veal garnished with rocket leaves and Nisa cheese

Salad from our garden with shrimps, garlic and vinegar

Partridge escabeche

Platter of regional cheeses and sausages

Portuguese stir-fried beef with pickles and sautéed asparagus

Sautéed vegetables with beans puree and poached egg

Deep fried green beans with yogurt and herbs sauce

Sautéed mushrooms with organic egg yolk

Grilled vegetables with fried chickpea and sautéed with soy sauce



Pumpkin, ginger and fennel soup

Oxtail and beans soup

Tomato soup with poached organic egg on toast


Main courses (accompanied with vegetables from our garden)

Breaded octopus with chickpea rice

Shrimp and zucchini rice (30 min)

Oven-roasted codfish loin

Traditional bread stew with grouper, gambas and pennyroyal

Fried dogfish with coriander rice

Roasted black pork cheeks

Sauteed wild boar loin with pomegranate “escabeche” and chestnut, quince, apple and pear puree

Oven-roasted grass-fed lamb with new potatoes

Veal cheeks roasted slowly in the oven with sweet potato purée

Traditional chickpea stew in clay pot with meat and sausages

Toasted chicken with lemon grass and cauliflower

Mushroom rice

Chickpea hamburger with sweet potato chips

Roasted aubergine with chickpeas and dried fruits

Sweet potatoes puree with dates and walnuts


Grilled with fleur de sel

Our veal grilled in double turn with bread stew of asparagus

Acorn-fed pig with tradicional bread stew of tomato

Rack of grass-fed lamb with mustard sauce, sautéed potatoes and quince puree



Traditional cake of honey and walnut with tangerine sorbet

Chocolate truffle cake

Chocolate mousse

Traditional cake of quince and cinnamon with vanilla ice cream

Chestnut pudding with chocolate ice cream

Olive oil and lemon pudding with sorbet

Caramelised sweet pumpkin cream

Platter of regional cheeses (Nisa, Serpa, sheep with homemade jam

Seasonal fruit

Ice cream and sorbets



The wine menu in our restaurant highlights the estate's first class blends, crafted by award-winning oenologist Susana Esteban, but also presents a set of winemakers which relate to our own philosophy and excel in quality as well.

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