Pawson house

A truly singular home that puts the landscape at its heart 

The home that John Pawson designed for São Lourenço do Barrocal offers a singular experience of the highest standards of design, and total sensitivity to place. The home straddles one ancient boulder, and wraps around another, putting the landscape at the home’s heart. Crisply minimal, forms a quiet backdrop to the stunning views from the vast windows. Outdoors, a swimming pool offers welcome relief from the Alentejan heat, while a generous terrace provides sweeping views out towards the estate’s plains, right up to Monsaraz on the hill.

pawson house
pawson house

The architect:
John Pawson

The English architect John Pawson is a leading exponent of the simple expression.From the outset, his work has focused on ways of approaching fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and materials, rather than on developing a set of stylistic mannerisms. He has grasped the richness of simplicity. He eliminates superfluous features and reduces design and form in order to get at the essence, convinced that there is a wealth of expression to be found in five shades of white or the feel of a material. Over the years, he has accrued extensive experience of the particular challenges of working within environments of historic, landscape and ecological significance. 

Pawson's approach to São Lourenço do Barrocal was to create a unique retreat among the ancient stones, where atmosphere played a crucial role alongside the feeling of being like home. The richness of the materials used and the combination of their textures and patterns doesn’t become apparent until you come close up. And that is, according to him, a unique but subtle signature to this work.

Drawings and plans

download plans — 1.8mb

Pawson talks about his design

Avowed minimalist John Pawson discusses his choice of plot, materials, and the sensibility of his residence.

The Pawson house

Explore the model that highlights the scale, proportion and detail of these affordable, beautiful homes.

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