Horse riding

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Riding the estateAsh James

Roam over the estate

Feel free with the wind on your face as you ride through the estate getting to know every inch of its 780 hectares. You are welcome to discover the ancient menhir, the roman dam, the vineyards, the cereals fields and the storks nests. Come across our cattle which is always wandering the fields, feeding of its pasture, and watch the partridges rapidly flow among the trees and shrubs. Take one of our guided tours and ride til the hilltop castle of Monsaraz to watch the sunset over the big lake.

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Riding lessons with Lusitano horses

At your disposal, we have Lusitano thoroughbred horses, the oldest saddle horses in the world. They are fit to take you galloping if you are an experienced rider but they are gentle as well, making them perfect for horseback riding lessons. For children we have prepared a set of learning levels that will lead them from the first contact with the animal to the discovery of exercises focusing on relaxation, posture and balance, grooming techniques, anatomy and food. 

The child's participation in any equestrian activity will be subject to the monitor's assessment and validation.
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Your horse in good hands 

If you are planning on having a longer stay at São Lourenço do Barrocal your horse doesn’t have to be left at home. Our stables are ready to welcome him and our team of seasoned professionals will be more than happy to take care of your (big) four legged friend.  Our team may even be able to help you with the transportation details. You can also go for our pack of riding lessons that includes 10 private sessions that can be spent during a six month period. 

Our friendly donkey 'Jerónimo'

If a horse ride might seem a bit too much for your little one, let us introduce you to Barrocal's friendly donkey, Jerónimo. Join our equestrian team in a gentle and fun ride in our special cart and at the end of the experience have some one-on-one time with Jerónimo - he will love the carrots and other homegrown vegetables you'll be able to feed him. 

horse riding kidsJorge Vieira

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