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A celebration in honour of winter and the Alentejo pig

Sunday, 26th January 2020

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With the arrival of the cold weather comes the celebration of the Alentejo pig.

It was an old custom in the region for rural families to annually perform the slaughter of a pig. Bread, olives and the occasional piece of meat cooked in the pan by the fire being insufficient food for the field workers made them develop the habit of acquiring a pig every year at a great cost, marking the beginning of winter, when the cold was most felt, with the slaughter of this animal. The preservation of these meats by the smokehouse, salting, and the cold itself, combined with its controlled management, guaranteed the families' sustenance until next year.

Since then, this day is one of celebration, promoting abundance and conviviality, gathering families and neighbours around the fire and the table for small bites of food and for strengthening the bonds of solidarity in the community.

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On January 26, join us in the celebration of the Alentejo pig for a lunch that honours it from starters to desserts, in the good tradition of the local region and of our chef José Júlio Vintém. By the outdoor fireplace, soak up the warm sound of the Alentejo ‘cante' (or traditional singing) and, in the meantime, be sure to take the little ones to greet the black pig herd that comes to visit us on this day. We invite you to come with your family and spend time in the pleasurable tasks of eating, chatting and learning more about the origin of this breed and what makes it unique in the Alentejo countryside.

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