Alentejo seen from above

A change in perspective is always a good way to add some extra excitement to everyday life. In this case, the idea is to get to know Alentejo in a different way: from above. Fill yourself with courage and let the adrenaline speak louder in this activity that aims to show an alternative side to the region's calm and tranquility.

Descending 3000 meters in 20 seconds

Take a deep breath and let yourself be taken by the experienced instructors of Skydive Portugal, your hosts in this adventure through the skies of Alentejo. The challenge starts calmly, with a panoramic trip over Évora and the surrounding areas. After that, when the altimeter reaches the 3000 meters mark, the aircraft door opens and it’s time to leap. In this tandem jump, speeds of around 200 kilometres per hour are reached and all the problems and worries get blown away - all that's left is enthusiasm and adrenaline.


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Hot air balloon ride

Take-off with the break of dawn and let yourself go with the wind and the landscape.

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Sport fishing

Discover one of the most special places in Europe for the sport fishing of black bass and pike-perch, the great Lake Alqueva.

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