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Discover the castle, the big lake, and the region's historic small villages

Ride miles after miles on a top-notch Pinarello bicycle, pedaling safely through the most beautiful and well-preserved tar roads in search of historic villages, small hermitages and across the bridge over the large Alqueva lake from which you can see the castles of Monsaraz and Mourão; discover the vast landscape of the Alentejo vineyards and visit the local producers looking for the region’s most famous trilogy of cheese, bread and wine.

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Our GPS routes

Barrocal Reguengos Loop
Dist.: 40 km; Altimetry: 396 m; Duration: 1h30m to 2h; Goals: Monsaraz Castle 9 km; Reguengos de Monsaraz 25 km; Sto António do Baldio 36 km

Barrocal Reguengos Long Loop
Dist.: 57 km; Altimetry: 416 m; Duration: 2h to 3h; Goals: Sto António do Baldio 7 km; Reguengos de Monsaraz 18 km; Casas Novas de Mares 38 km; Motrinos 55 km

Barrocal Redondo Castle
Dist.: 73 km; Altimetry: 554 m; Duration: 2h30m to 3h30m; Goals: Reguengos de Monsaraz 10 km; Sapatoa 28 km; Redondo 40 km; Ferreira Venda 58 km

Barrocal Aldeias Loop
Dist.: 80 km; Altimetry: 659 m; Duration: 2h45m to 4h; Goals: Reguengos de Monsaraz 18 km; Aldeias de Montoito 29 km; Santiago Maior 41 km; Aldeia de Faleiros 59 km; Aldeia da Venda 62 km; Sete Casinhas 70 km




Barrocal Aldeias Long Loop
Dist.: 87 km; Altimetry: 815 m; Duration: 3h to 4h15m; Goals: Castelo de Monsaraz 9 km; Reguengos de Monsaraz 25 km; Aldeias de Montoito 36 km; Santiago Maior 48 km; Aldeia de Faleiros 65 km; Aldeia da Venda 68 km; Sete Casinhas 77 km 

Barrocal Alqueva
Dist.: 111 km; Altimetry: 1156 m; Duration: 3h45m to 5h30m; Goals: Reguengos de Monsaraz 17 km; São Marcos do Campo 28 km; Alqueva 48 km; Póvoa de São Miguel 73 km; Mourão 91 km

Barrocal Alandroal
Dist.: 114 km; Altimetry: 1170 m; Duration: 3h50m to 5h35m; Goals: Monsaraz Castle 9 km; Reguengos de Monsaraz 25 km; Aldeias de Montoito 36 km; Alandroal 70 km; Rosário 88 km; Aldeia da Venda 96 km

Barrocal Castles Ride
Dist.: 145 km; Altimetry: 1379 m; Duration: 5h to 7h; Goals: Aldeia da Venda 18 km; Alandroal 36 km; Redondo 52 km; São Miguel de Machede 70 km; Nossa Sra. de Machede 87 km; Montoito 108 km; Reguengos de Monsaraz 119 km; Monsaraz Castle 136 km

Pinarello Bike

Our Pinarello Gan S bicycles

  • Sram Red 22 Groupset
  • Zipp Alloy 30 Wheels
  • Fizik Saddle
  • Zipp Stem and Bars
  • Elite Cages
  • Vittoria Tires and Tubes

Pinarello was founded in Treviso (Italy) in 1952 by Giovanni (Nani) Pinarello and it is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high-end racing bikes, frames and accessories.

Want an expert guide to take you through the region?

Our partner InGamba is the one for you. They have been, for quite some time now, doing Pinarello routes through the Alentejo landscape and charming villages and they know its roads like no one else. Book your adventure with them and enjoy a daily guide accompanying your bike ride, your own private masseur, bike tunning and daily cleaning services, energetic ride food and your own Giordana FR-C shirt and shorts.

InGambaGruber & InGamba

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