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Let yourself be inspired by an ancient craft

As Portugal's largest pottery centre, São Pedro do Corval has been the home to families of master potters who dedicate their lives to the craft. Hélène Falé, the ceramist who will be giving this workshop, has learned from the very best of the village. She will take you to the potter's wheel, where you will be able to create your own terracotta piece, and then to a moment of decorative flow when you will create patterns and draw on ceramics using the sgraffito technique. Enjoy your time being creative and using your hands to lead you through the process.


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A tradition beginning in prehistoric times and continuing into the present day

In São Pedro do Corval, the tradition of ceramics goes back to the prehistoric period, revealing from an early age how important for the development of this activity was the existence of clay deposits with specific characteristics in the area. In the more recent past, this type of pottery has adapted to the needs of rural life in the Alentejo, taking the form of pots, pans, jars, and other utilitarian pieces. Today, contemporary ceramists are settling here, learning from the master potters, and feeling inspired by the Alentejo.

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