Horse carriage rides

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Ride like in the olden days  

The sound of hooves tapping on the main street of the estate is impossible to ignore. For many years, animal-drawn vehicles traveled this same place but with their focus aimed at the agricultural work. Today that has changed and the main goal is to have an original way to experience São Lourenço do Barrocal and its surroundings. Climb aboard! 

Carriage main street
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Neolithic menhirs, ancient olive trees and vineyards 

Gaiato is the brown Lusitano horse that will guide you on this little adventure inside Barrocal. Our carriage is ready to show both kids and grown ups  iconic areas of the estate such as the neolithic menhir, the thousand year old olive trees, Lake Alqueva and even our vineyards. These tours have an approximate duration of 1 hour but, if you wish, you can stretch that time by adding a picnic for the whole family or a wine tasting in the middle of the estate.

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donkey jeronimo

Jerónimo, the kids' favorite 

With a shaggy coat and a docile look, our donkey Jerónimo is a hit with the little ones. He is the star of our cart rides for children, another activity you'll find at our stables. The route in question lasts about half an hour and passes along the main street, goes towards the vegetable garden and roams around the pool area. At the end of the tour feel free to give friendly Jerónimo a carrot or two - he’ll love it.

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