Hot air balloon rides

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Fly over the estate and Monsaraz landscape

Enjoy the first rays of the sun as you join the break of dawn to rise over the immensity of the Alentejo landscape in a hot air balloon. Take-off from inside the estate, and feel the thrill of flying soothingly above the monte, the hilltop village of Monsaraz, the glimmering Alqueva lake and the cattle grazing the fields. Let yourself go with the swing of the wind and cruise the skies trusting the Emotion professional team. Have a luxurious experience, where the land’s authenticity is slowly unveiled from the air.

monteJorge Vieira
balloonJorge Vieira

The ride

Balloons can take from 4 to 12 people (basket’s size will vary accordingly). Children can take part in the adventure, as long they're 6 years old and 1,20 m high at least. During summer time, flights only take-off early in the morning; in winter, rides might happen also in the afternoon; all flights are subject to availability and to the will of the weather.

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balloonJorge Vieira

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