Children's vegetable garden

Jorge Vieira
childrens vegetable gardenJorge Vieira

Get to know and respect nature’s cycles

It’s with dirty hands and curious eyes that children best understand how nature works, hence the importance of fostering this connection from an early age. This activity intends to do just that: to show where the food that appears on the plate comes from, always explaining how it was born, how it growed and the way it developed.

childrens vegetable gardenJorge Vieira
childrens vegetable gardenJorge Vieira

Planting the food of tomorrow

With the help of those who know the estate like no one else, children are introduced to all the details and agricultural traditions of São Lourenço do Barrocal. All of this so they can be more than prepared to put that knowledge to the test, planting and harvesting vegetables from the organic garden.

childrens vegetable gardenJorge Vieira

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