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Discover our megalithic heritage

Our name speaks of this land: ‘barrocais’, the plural form of “barrocal”, stands for important heritage sites which can be found inside the estate or in the local area, working as aide-memoirs for ancient times. For a true journey through the ages, join Manuel Calado, one of the most relevant Portuguese archaeologists, in a conversation about the incredible history of these pre-historic monuments and the rich heritage of this landscape. 

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Engage in an enriching conversation

Manuel Calado is the go-to archaeologist for everything concerning Barrocal. His doctoral thesis analyzed the menhirs of central Alentejo and, in the estate, he excavated and restored the Barrocal menhir – the largest of its kind in this archaeologically remarkable region. In his survey, he unearthed a series of settlement sites of a range of ages, including a Roman dam and villa.

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And what about wine and olive oil?

Have you ever thought of how wine and olive oil have come about in this region? Think of the Phoenicians and of the Romans and their amphorae! Manuel Calado will tell you stories about these centuries-old agricultural productions, after which our resident oenologist will introduce you to our winery and offer you a tasting of our wines and olive oil.

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Take-off with the break of dawn and let yourself go with the wind and the landscape.

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